The SRA closes down solicitor firm

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has closed down solicitor firm Norman Saville & Co of London and Birmingham, which also traded as UKconvey.

The SRA closed down the firm on 5 July 2010.

The intervention protects the immediate position and safeguards documents and clients’ money. The SRA has appointed a law firm which has collected clients’ files and is keeping them safe.

The law firm is Russell-Cooke Solicitors and the person responsible there is John Gould.

On July 13 2010 the principals of Norman Saville & Co, Kiran Nahar and Farhat Malik-Masud, issued proceedings to challenge the intervention and those proceedings are ongoing.

Eddie Goldsmith, senior partner at Goldsmith Williams, says: “There is a flight for quality currently taking place in the mortgage industry, which not only affects lenders and brokers but also conveyancing firms. Brokers need to choose their conveyancing partners carefully, because law firms are no different to other types of service provider and are vulnerable to being closed down or going out of business for a variety of reasons.”