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Savills Lending Solutions staff in consultation

All Savills Lending Solutions staff have today entered a period of consultation.

A spokesman for the firm’s parent company Savills Private Finance, says: “All Savills Lending Solutions today entered a period of consultation with all employees due to continued difficult trading conditions.”

In December 2009 all eleven staff members at the packager were placed into consultation, which at the time was blamed on a lack of funding and lenders withdrawing from the market.

At the time only a couple of redundancies were made.

Rob Jupp, formerly managing director of Personal Touch Packaging joined Savills in September 2008 to launch SLS.



Tiuta hikes LTVs on a variety of bridging products

Tiuta is raising the LTVs on a number of its bridging deals. It has increased the LTV on brid-ging loans for limited companies to 70% from 60% and also hiked the LTV on it mixed residential and commercial borrowing to 60%, up from 50%. As well as increasing the LTV from 55% to 60% on […]


Prepare now for an era of rising rates

The advice to start preparing now for rising interest rates might strike you as counter-intuitive, particularly as the prevailing wisdom is that we’re in for 12 more months of a 0.5% Bank of England base rate. But trust me, it’s not as daft as it sounds. It might not be for another 18 months but […]


Industry saddened to see brand axed as A&L merges into Abbey

Santander’s decision to merge its Alliance & Leicester business with its Abbey brand has disappointed brokers. From October 15 all broker business will come under a single Abbey brand. Alan Mathewson, managing director of intermediary distribution and Santander Private Banking (UK), says the decision was taken to allow the bank to align its offering and […]

Bridging is no longer a dirty word

It’s not that long ago that short-term finance, or, perhaps more specifically, bridging finance were viewed as dirty words by mortgage brokers. The rates on offer were punishing, meaning there were only a handful of situations where it would be appropriate to arrange one. Some lenders didn’t exactly uphold great reputations for service standards either; […]


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  • bob smart 11th August 2010 at 8:10 am

    yet another flaky proposition bites the dust. problem is that this kind of intermediary business is dead and buried. when will brokers wake up to the new world. Jupp is a nice bloke, but has no new ideas. Borkers wont die out, but most will as they dont have the sense to see what is in front of them. Adapt or die.

  • Get REAL 10th August 2010 at 9:32 pm

    Simon Jones, Savill Private Finance Director has said “The mortgage packager’s parent company, Savills Private Finance, recorded a pre-tax loss of £1.3m for the year ending December 31, 2009, following a loss of £1.9m the previous year.”

    Prior to this, Savills rescued PTP in an 11th hour administration-saving deal.

    The OFM Group is just a minnow compared to what it was.

    People – wake up. Ok, Jupp is a ‘nice man’ and no doubt all the sycophants have all enjoyed corporate freebies dished out by him over the years (yes, we all see through your bottomlicking comments!), but his track record reads like a car crash!!

    Look – the packaging community are the main culprits in the self cert, adverse credit devastation, and Jupp and his like significantly contributed to it all.

    Oh, what’s the point, come individual registration of mortgage advisers next year and you lot will be gone anyway.

  • Ancient a mortgage broker in N3. 10th August 2010 at 9:54 am

    Mortgage borkers need to cut overheads costs and staff in this market – not upscale to fancy offices and admin staff.

    Less competition is better for those that are around, but once again….and indication that the broker market is nearing extinction due to market forces.

  • kevin duffy 10th August 2010 at 9:31 am

    whatever some might say with the benefit of hindsight, this was a very sensible strategic play at outset . only the demise of the sector brought it to an end. Jupp will live to fight another day and anyone that hauls his timber around europe’s marathon routes has resilence and tenacity in high reserve.

  • Eric the red 9th August 2010 at 6:48 pm

    Another bites the dust

    Rob Jupp can put his weight (and that’s a lot) behind another new venture.

  • Eric the red 9th August 2010 at 6:48 pm

    Another bites the dust

    Rob Jupp can put his weight (and that’s a lot) behind another new venture.

  • Mrs Miggins 9th August 2010 at 3:46 pm

    A sad day indeed! Lets just hope someone takes the opportunity to pick up some top quality staff!

  • Peter Eater 9th August 2010 at 3:33 pm

    what a real shame. I’ve used SLS for the last 18 months and I have found them to be absolutely fantastic. Mortgage Advisors really do need people like this lot and the market will seem that little bit harder without these guys!

    I hope 2011 is going to be better then this completely awful year.

  • Tony Crossley 9th August 2010 at 3:20 pm

    The Market will be a poorer place without Mr Jupp.
    However , I am sure we will see that giant frame in one guise or another in the near future.
    It is a shame that things finally look as though they may start to improve for the beleaguered Packager community.