Industry rallies in support for Rob Jupp

The mortgage industry has rallied around in support for Rob Jupp, director of Savills Lending Solutions, following the news yesterday that all staff at the firm have been placed in consultation.


Simon Jones, director of Savills Private Finance, says: “The specialist market has been hard hit and due to continued difficult trading conditions we have entered into a period of consultation with all employees.”

Jupp, formerly managing director of Personal Touch Packaging, joined Savills in September 2008 to launch SLS.

David Shortt, former director of Goldsmith Williams, says: “It is devastating news for Rob and his team. Rob is a hardworking, honest, upstanding and professional person and it is such a shame this has happened.

“He has a huge amount of friends in the industry and his reputation proceeds him. He is a sensible and level headed man so I imagine he will take his time and make sure it is the right decision before he accepts any job offer.”

David Copland, managing director of Pink Home Loans, says: “It is sad to see, but packaging seems to have been squeezed out of the market.

“I hope Rob is okay. He’s a good guy and quite vocal in the industry. He is an entrepreneurial type of person so I am sure he won’t have any problems finding another job.”

Roger Morris, sales and marketing director at Affirmative Finance, says: “Rob is one of the industry’s good guys. He has run a successful business at Savills Lending Solutions. I’m sure the right person will come along and offer Rob a job that is equal to his ability.”

Kevin Duffy, managing director of Mortgageforce, says: “The demise of the specialist sector brought the business to an end. Rob will live to fight another day and anyone who hauls his timber around Europe’s marathon routes has resilence and tenacity in high reserve.”

Tony Crossley, director of the Mortgage Trading Company, says: “The market will be a poorer place without Rob, but I am sure we will see that giant frame in one guise or another in the near future.
 It is a shame, as things finally started to look as though they were improving for the beleaguered packager community.”