Conti teams up with tax specialist

Conti, the overseas mortgage specialist, has entered into a partnership with Property Tax International, provider of accounting services for UK and Irish non-resident property owners.

The partnership means that clients of Conti can obtain advice on filing their foreign and UK tax returns.

As part of this, they can receive an initial free, no obligation review of their international and domestic tax position.

If they choose to take the relationship forward, they can receive a 5% discount on their personal income tax return, as well as PTI’s competitively priced fees.

Conti says that the new service should be of particular interest to clients who generate an income from a rental property they own abroad, who have an obligation to declare the amount earned to the respective international tax authority.

And as a UK tax resident, they also have an obligation to declare this income within their tax return to HMRC.

Clare Nessling,  operations director at Conti, says: “This is a really important relationship for us, as tax matters can seem very daunting for many clients. It means that PTI can take away the stress of making sure that their overseas tax returns are filed correctly and on time.Even if clients are unsure about their tax position, our offer of a free tax review will provide the answers, and the assistance required to file any subsequent tax return.”

Colm Murphy, director of marketing and business development at Property Tax International, says: “Every country has its own tax legislation, tax assessment rules and tax forms, with constantly changing tax rates and calculation methods. This situation, together with potential language barriers, can make filing a tax return a difficult and time consuming process. We can make this so much easier.”