Broker deals outnumber direct deals, says TrigoldCrystal

The latest figures from TrigoldCrystal’s Product Index show broker deals currently outnumber direct products, with 3, 807 broker deals on the market and only 1,401 direct-only deals.

These figures are in stark contrast to the original statistics from which claimed that 90% of deals are available direct-only.

The TrigoldCrystal figures also show that in the last month the number of products on the market stayed almost the same as in June with 5,208 products available.

David Aylmer, business development and marketing director at TrigoldCrystal, says: “Our figures clearly show a strong broker market and when it comes to choice then as a general rule you are better served by intermediary products. But this, as much of the commentary around Moneysupermarket’s claims does, misses a number of key issues.

“Firstly, the products that Moneysupermarket were referring to were simply those at the top of their best buy tables. These are obviously the ‘headline rate’ products and as our clients know these are not generally available to the majority of consumers but serve as a marketing technique by many banks to get potential clients through the doors of their high-street branches or to apply online.

“In the majority of cases, we know that the headline rated product is not the one that is finally made available to the client.” 

He says the majority of mortgage brokers now offer advice on both direct-only and proc fee paying intermediary products.

He adds: “The role of the advisor has changed from being a gate-keeper to the best mortgage products to the holder of valuable expertise which the vast majority of consumers need to negotiate a market made more complex by the competition of direct-only channels.

“Ironically, the competitive split between direct-only and intermediary channels has, in my view, made the role of the intermediary even more important and it is this message that the public need to get in order to receive the best financial advice. ”

Yesterday Personal Touch Financial Services axed the owned Paaleads from its lead generation panel in the wake of its parent group’s negative comments about consumers using brokers to access the best mortgage deals.