Avantia launches household insurance platform

Avantia Insurance is inviting brokers to join its new household insurance platform to sell to non-standard customers.

The homeprotect service follows a successful pilot project and the company is inviting brokers and other providers to join the platform.

Since the end of last year Avantia has been trialling homeprotect as a mainly on-ine vehicle to gain access to non-standard customers – a term that Avantia claims covers 15% of the UK population.

The segment includes flood and subsidence risks, previously underpinned properties, ex-offenders, people with extensive claims histories, unoccupied properties, shared households, home business workers and anyone in high-risk occupations.

The pilot involved a specialist non-standard underwriter and a small group of telephone-based brokers.

David Walker,chief executive of Avantia, says: “We have demonstrated that it is possible to offer non-standard insurance on-line, so cutting time and costs without compromising underwriting or service standards.  Intelligent use of IT means we are able to provide a consistent, cost-effective underwriting service even to this supposedly difficult group of customers.

“Historically, household providers have been stumped when it comes to non-standard as their underwriting footprint, business operations and legacy IT systems only allow them to focus on the 85% of the public who are relatively uncomplicated.”

The firm is aiming to give access to both intermediaries and underwriters, access to the homeprotect platform.