UK inflation rises to 3.5%

The UK consumer prices index has risen to 3.5% in March, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The consumer prices index is up 0.1% from 3.4% in February. The retail prices index fell to 3.6%, from 3.7% in February.

The largest upward pressures to CPI came from food, clothing, recreation and culture. The ONS says there were downward pressures from electricity, gas and other fuels and transport.

RPI fell slightly after downward pressures from motoring expenditure, fuel and light. There was also upward pressures from food and clothing.

Inflation has fallen markedly since its high in September 2011, but still remains above the Bank of England’s 2% target.

CPI reached a record high of 5.2% in September 2011 while RPI stood at 5.8% in September 2011, its highest point since June 1991.