Exact passes £5bn on mortgage due diligence service

Exact, the third party mortgage service provider has just completed its latest due diligence exercise on a large pool of mortgages that takes the total to over £5bn in the last two years.

Alan Cleary, managing director of Exact, says: “Whilst the last two years have been exceptionally challenging the need for owners and buyers of mortgage assets to fully understand the risk contained in the mortgage pools has increased. 

“Exact has benefited from this surge in demand and has worked for some of the world’s largest banks, hedge funds and building societies.”

He adds: “Never has there been a time where granular level credit risk analysis on mortgage pools has been so important. 

“Mergers of building societies are a definite area of growth for Exact as we can quickly and accurately advise them on the state of the incoming mortgage book.”

Exact also confirmed that they have several other large projects in the pipeline.