AToM offers exclusive with no credit scoring

All Types of Mortgages has an exclusive two-year fixed rate for members of Mortgage Intelligence and Mortgage Next at 3.35% with no credit scoring.

The product is part of AToM’s complex prime range, which helps place business from clients with low credit scores and those who have a more complicated financial situation.

The deal is available at up to 75% LTV for both purchases and remortgages. It comes with a £1,399 arrangement fee and £100 booking fee, and there are no extended redemption penalties.

Dale Jannels, sales and marketing director at AToM, says: “Complex prime is becoming a huge part of the core functionality of AToM. 

“Just because the high street says ‘no’ should not mean your client cannot get a mortgage.”

He adds: “As with all AToM complex prime lenders, prospective customers must be able to prove affordability and must have an absolutely blemish free credit history.”

AToM is currently working with six lenders on its complex prime panel, and will be adding another two lenders in the next few weeks.

Sally Laker, managing director of Mortgage Intelligence Holdings, says: “This is a fantastic exclusive product and a real coup for us to be the only distribution channels selected to have access to this deal.

“AToM’s complex prime products have already proved extremely popular with our members and I have no doubt that this latest rate will be a welcome addition to an already competitive and flexible range.”