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Moving sentiments for a creative sector

Motion: former poet laureate has written an ode to moving house for an estate agent

Erstwhile poet laureate Andrew Motion has written an ode to moving house for the June edition of Completely London, the magazine of estate agent Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward.

This is probably a natural development for a sector whose poetic licence with property descriptions brought about a change in the law on house selling, and the homage to the moving experience should have come easily to a man of letters who once paid tribute to England’s Rugby World Cup victory.

That said, it is interesting to note that some of our arguably greater poets who worked in the financial services sector rather than the less exalted world of estate agency were never inspired to write about the business that kept the wolves from their doors.

Chatroom is thinking here of TS Eliot who worked for Lloyds Bank – although his lines ’I grow old, I grow old, I shall wear my trousers rolled’ inThe Love Song of J Arthur Prufrock may be wry reference to a retired banker – and Roy Fuller who was a branch manager for Woolwich.

That’s not to say that dramatists are averse to writing about financial affairs. Enron is currently the subject of a London play, and going back a little further in time few could disagree with George Bernard Shaw’s assertion that if all the economists in the world were laid end to end they still wouldn’t reach a conclusion.



Poorly thought out packs bite the dust

It’s good to feel that some sanity has at last been restored by the new government. Home Information Packs will be scrapped – and about time too. Full of promises of speeding up and simplifying the buying and selling process, they always made us sceptical. And sure enough it’s all been a waste of time […]

OFT to investigate how tough it is to get ahead in retail banking

The Office of Fair Trading is to investigate barriers faced by new entrants or those wanting to enter the retail banking sector, and for smaller banks looking to expand. The OFT has published a paper calling for evidence on the barriers to entering, expanding and leaving the retail banking market and how these might affect […]

Broker credit blips are irrelevant to the way they do the job

AMI’s warning that minor credit blips could lead to brokers not gaining approval signals one more way the intermediary market is being diminished. Having just been through the worst recession in my lifetime I have to ask – why should brokers be treated differently from any other industry with regard to their personal finances? Would […]

Retirement Plus gears up again with further advances

Retirement Plus is now offering further advances. But Duncan Young, managing director at Retirement Plus, says it is unlikely to return to lending for a while. The home reversion provider was forced to close its doors and suspend new lending in April 2009 after the number of applications it received outweighed its funding line. Young […]


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