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Curriculumvitae: Gordon Campbell

Describe your current job

I’m responsible for financing the construction of new-build housing developments. This also involves community regeneration, mainly working with housing associations. These homes are generally for social rent but we also do partial purchase options such as shared equity and shared ownership. We have around 800m committed to the sector, funding 107 of Scotland’s approximately 170 associations.

Describe your first and last jobs

My first jobs involved delivering milk in the morning and working in a pub at night – not an easy mix. My last job was as a civil servant with what was then the Department of Employment.

What have you done in between?

Fathered children and mortgaged heavily. I have also been a car salesman but I’ve been with Dunfermline for 23 years, working in Glasgow, Dunfermline, Manchester, Inverness and Perth.

How do your jobs to date compare with your career aspirations when you were younger?

I wanted to be a farmer or a lawyer but I’ve neither tended to a heifer nor sued one. I was quite young when I joined Dunfermline and am happy with where it has taken me.

What has been the defining point of your career to date and why?

Joining Dunfermline, as that’s how I met my wife. She still works at the society. In fact, we have nearly 50 years’ service between us and if we stay on until retirement, it will be over 80.

And the most embarrassing?

I once woke up in the back of a taxi in Dunkeld when I should have been in Dunkeld Road, Perth. Needless to say, this was after a surveyors’ dinner and I failed to convey the correct instructions to the driver.

What work ambition would you like to achieve by retirement?

I’m not ambitious for myself but I am for the society. I want to put our clients in the best position possible and if I can do that while benefiting Dunfermline I will feel fulfilled. After that, it’s que sera sera.

How many mortgage payments do you have left?

144 months.

Up close…

Age: 43

Where do you live? Dunfermline

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Portugal, as it’s a bit different from typical package locations and also a short flight – I don’t like flying. Also, I like chicken piri-piri.

What’s your tipple?

Buckets of red wine or red wine in a bucket. I try not to mix grape and grain but I also enjoy Glenmorangie, especially if the barman pronounces it correctly.

What one thing would you take to a desert island and why?

My wife, as I always have so much to tell her and so little time to do it.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Can I have two? Kylie Minogue and Natasha Kaplinsky.

What’s the most embarrassing album you own?

I’m a writer not a fighter by Gilbert O’Sullivan.

What’s the craziest hobby you’ve ever attempted?

Standing for Parliament twice.


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