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Xit2 launches arrears management portal

Xit2, the property and mortgage outsourcing specialist, is launching an arrears management product.

The Xit2 Arrears Management Portal helps mortgage lenders and debt counsellors carry out detailed and verified assessments of borrowers’ current financial situations.

Lenders can also manage panels of counsellors using edge online software.

The web-based platform will help lenders give borrowers support and counsel tailored to their individual financial circumstances in accordance with TCF and the Mortgage Pre-Action Protocol.

The system leaves a trail allowing lenders to prove they’ve carried out the required processes. It also collects, transfers, and stores customers’ data securely.

Special Resolution Services, a national UK network of specifically selected mortgage arrears counsellors has conducted a successful trial of the Arrears Management Portal.

Mark Blackwell, sales director of Xit2, says: “The Arrears Management Portal will change the relationship between lenders, debt counsellors, and borrowers who experience payment difficulties on their mortgage.

“It will help debt counsellors and mortgage lenders communicate more easily and store the data each party records as part of the arrears process. Borrowers will benefit, too. The transparency of this secure communication will give them confidence their lender is acting in the spirit of what TCF demands.”

Martin Swann, client services manager for SRS, says:: “The Arrears Management Portal plays a pivotal in role mortgage counselling. The arrears management sector faces many challenges, and is under close scrutiny.

“Our SRS counselling team is managed against key performance dynamics ensuring Clients get improved results, and customers have confidence better outcomes are possible. There is a need to support the quality of this work by ensuring the security of data. Xit2 offers an auditable secure format in which to hold customer information”.


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