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When Murray met Huggy

US actor and TV star Antonio Fargas, pictured here with Lending Strategy editor John Murray, recently took a break from appearing in a pantomime near London to film a snipp- et for the magazine’s slot at the Building Societies Association’s conference in May.

Fargas, probably best known as Huggy Bear in the 1970s TV cop show Starsky and Hutch, is to appear in a video being produced by Kent Reliance Building Society to raise money for the Y-Care International AIDS orphanage it supports in Mangalore, India.

He also features in a video which the editor hopes to show at Harrogate. Murray thought it would be interesting to add an interview clip with the actor to put his involvement into some kind of context and find out if he has a special message for conference delegates.

Fargas says he is no longer pursuing film work.

“My acting legacy is established and now I want to focus on charities,” he says. “I want to focus on working with people who want to work with me, and causes that can use the cachet of my celebrity. It’s also about legacy. If we can show people we care, they will care. And that’s what I’d like to be remembered for – that I cared.”

His commitment to the orphanage has a personal dimension in that he has had friends and family die of AIDS.

Elizabeth, the wife of Paul Michael Glaser who played Starsky in the cop series alongside Fargas, contracted AIDS through contaminated blood while undergoing an operation and passed it on to her daughter and son.

Elizabeth and her little girl eventually succumbed to the disease but her legacy was to found an AIDS foundation and her son, thanks to medical advances, is still alive today.


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