The weighty issue of cover charges.

Many consumers make new year resolutions to combat those extra pounds in an effort to reach a healthy weight, which can be a great long-term goal.

But clients don’t need to put off financial resolutions until they have achieved their weight loss targets.

It’s true that some insurers add extra charges when customers stray outside the normal body mass index range of 18 to 25, due to the increased risk of disease.

In fact, NHS figures state that two out of five adults are overweight and a further one in five is obese.
This means that 60% of clients who apply for mortgages may find they are ineligible for the low rates advertised on portals.

But other insurers have a more inclusive approach, offering standard premiums to customers who are overweight or even obese as long as there are no other associated health risks.

It also makes sense for product providers to take waist measurements into consideration as these can give a fuller picture of health and stop sporty borrowers being penalised, as sporty types often weigh more because of their higher muscle mass.

So by considering protection providers that offer ordinary rates for customers with higher BMIs, brokers can help borrowers protect their mortgages without facing extra charges.