The net closes

Mole was forced to entertain himself with a bit of internet snooping last week having been holed up by drifting snow, and he was particularly pleased with what he found on Facebook.

It seems Facebookers have taken something of a dislike to the Royal Bank of Scotland’s former chief executive Sir Fred Goodwin.

One group gathering pace is called Strip Sir Fred Goodwin of his Title. With 141 members and counting, the group suggests Goodwin, “the worst banker in history”, should be stripped of his knighthood for overstretching the bank’s balance sheet by insisting on pressing ahead with the acquisition of ABN Amro last year for nearly 12bn and causing the share price to plunge.

Mole thinks Sir Fred can’t be too pleased with this but imagines the reported 4.19m settlement he received last year may soften the blow.

And there’s more goading of RBS on the site in the form of the Royal Bank of Scotland Owners Club. This 200-strong group is open to all taxpayers who now technically own the beleaguered bank.

Mole particularly likes the comment of one member who writes, “As I now own a bank, all the pens in my house are attached to solid surfaces such as my fireplace with ridiculously short chains and my living room is closed on Saturday mornings”.