Promise launches new portal

Promise Solutions has launched a new version of its portal, enabling brokers and estate agents to more effectively tap in to the income streams from its products

Promise Solutions offers secured loans, unsecured loans, bridging and commercial finance, debt solutions, home information packs, energy performance certificates, commercial energy performance certificates and conveyancing.

Steve Walker, managing director of the Promise Group, says: “These are all areas in which we have expertise within the Group but most importantly, each is an opportunity for brokers and estate agents to generate more income and to widen their product profile, thus bringing in new types of customers.

“The new portal has a completely new look and makes it as easy as possible for a novice in these sectors to competently offer the entire range of products to their customers. Using our technology, minimal experience is required and Promise does all the hard work behind the scenes to ensure that each customer’s needs are met.

“Our award winning technology and services enable brokers and estate agents to more easily tap into the varied and profitable income streams available. In the current market, both sectors need to re-invent themselves and maximise the value of every customer.”