Obsessive Compulsive

Having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is very much like having a physical form of Turettes, sudden outbursts of having to do things a certain amount of times. Where the hell is this going I hear you ask?

As I have had OCD for a while I am quite used to having to do things
again and again, frustrating I know and anyone who has had to replace
mortgage applications at least three times will know the feeling.

Anyway, it is good to see Northern Rock back with a good product at
4.19% fixed for three years, albeit only up to 65% LTV. If they could just
stretch it to 75% it would be even better.

It is a shame it is only available through PMS as that means having OCD
I have to put the sticker on three times which is time consuming, but well
done Mr Malone et al for getting a good product out in these difficult

Meanwhile for all those who need a bit of marketing help in these
difficult times Julian Wells’s new venture is looking really
interesting. Just follow the link www.marketinginnovationforum.com for
some really good and useful assistance, advice etc..

In this market it is even more important to keep your head above the
crowd and actually now may be the worst possible time to cut marketing
out completely. It is about working smarter, which will in turn mean you
work cheaper. You don’t have to get tied in to long pointless contracts
with PR firms and spend a fortune, there are other ways.

That’s it for today, though I may be around on Twitter, (10 people are
following me already), but for now I better go and wash my