Industry must regain its pioneering spirit

What has happened to our industry? We used to be the adaptable face of financial services - the pioneers who didn\'t settle for simply not knowing how something could be achieved. We would find out how it could be done and who could make it happen.

Where has that spirit gone? In the past few weeks I have visited hundreds of brokers, estate agents and networks and can hardly believe the apathy that seems to have taken hold.

I’m not sure whether we are scared of lenders, of change or of the unknown but last week I spoke to some whose businesses have not changed in three years despite the market now being unrecognisable compared with the way it was.

I offer a range of short-term funding solutions for firms- ways to achieve what needs to be achieved whether that is to pay a tax bill, make good on an auction purchase, renovate a property or complete work when a funder has backed out of a deal or, in some cases, left the market.

It’s clear to me that those who retain the pioneer spirit – who are open to opportunities – have a chance of surviving in the current climate.

So let’s do the right thing. Those professionals who tell me they had a bad experience with old-style bridging back in 1995 or that they only deal with sub-prime clients only serve to convince me that in 12 months’ time, unless we regain our brave spirit and desire to consider fresh options, our industry will be even leaner and more depressed than it is today.

Roger Morris


Affimative Finance