Evaluate offers free EvaluateConsumer demo

Evaluate Technologies is offering brokers access to a free, updated demo version of the EvaluateConsumer online sourcing and application platform.

Evaluate first launched a Beta version of its EvaluateConsumer proposition late in 2008.

On completion of the Beta Programme, Evaluate used feedback to help determine development priorities and incorporated many of the suggestions into the system.

The primary objective of the demo is to allow users to trial what Evaluate believes to be the most up-to-date system available on the market, in a stable environment.

Brokers can access a free demo by visiting the Evaluate Technologies website.

Julie Speed, national accounts director at Evaluate Technologies, says: “The trend for consumers to research online before purchasing is accelerating rather than slowing, and financial services are following the trend set across other categories. If brokers are to limit defections to the price comparison sites, then it’s crucial that they offer consumers a compelling online proposition.

“Evaluate has spent millions of pounds developing a solution that enables brokers to beat the price comparison sites at their own game.

“We are offering a genuinely free demonstration to help forward-thinking brokers work out how they might use it to generate incremental income in this difficult market.

“We believe that the first brokers to rise to the challenge will gain a critical first-mover advantage over the laggard technophobes.”