The mortgage Mole


BROKERS FIRST Mortgage Strategy prides itself on being the broker’s champion and Mole was pleased to hear of staff upholding this tradition recently.

While on her hen night online editor Natalie Martin, in the traditional attire of veil and L-plates, was beckoned over to a Metro Bank branch to have her photo taken with the bank’s mascot. But, ever the professional, Martin refused to get involved.

“There was no way I was going to be seen to be supporting a bank that will not lend through brokers,” a resolute Martin told Mole. “If it’s not supporting brokers I’m not going to be seen supporting it.” How’s that for loyalty?

STRICT CRITERIA Meanwhile, ace reporter Samuel Dale got a taste of what it might be like to be in Fort Knox last week when he visited Lloyds Banking Group’s offices in Bishopsgate. On entering the building Dale had to shuffle into a clear glass pod which remained closed for a number of seconds while he was checked out before finally being allowed to walk free in the place. Talk about melodramatic.

TIME OUT And finally, Strategy staffers were feeling rather chuffed with themselves last week after an evening out with PTFS’ top bods Dev Malle and Doug Crawford.

Despite spending much of the evening with the team Malle was on the phone next morning asking if he could take them out again that night.

Obviously one evening just isn’t enough when the Strategy crew makes such good company.