Sign up to the MS petition now – it’s a matter of survival

I hope the usual broker apathy does not prevail when it comes to responding to Mortgage Strategy’s petition to save the industry.

Brokers, IFAs, business owners and networks should all sign the petition and encourage trade bodies to respond too, which I’m sure they already are.

It’s clear that price comparison websites and a number of lenders believe they can squeeze us out.

Terrible information and no advice is not a great choice – except for those who don’t wish to take any, of course.

But it will soon be too late to moan if the broker community does not act together now – our collective future at stake.

Brokers and IFAs still offer the ultimate in advice and choice, particularly taking into account some of the instances reported by clients concerning the low quality of branch advice and lack of understanding of anything that is not straightforward.

It isn’t brokers’ fault that only a small percentage of the lowest rate deals are available through them, particularly when lenders orchestrate it to be that way.

The latest industry statistics on business volumes show that consumers deserve the better choice they get through brokers because they trust us.

Alan Nadin