Service must focus on customer needs


I have recently been working on a customer service proposition for a large regional estate agency chain and during the project a growing concern has been nagging at me.

It seems to me that little thought is given to the feelings and needs of the clients of estate agents, brokers, solicitors and accountants.

The companies involved may promote such priories in their marketing material but in reality their customer service is biased towards their business plan – if they have one – rather than the plans of their clients.

I was intrigued to see a recent quote from Helen Adams, founder of first-time buyer website FirstRungNow, in which she says that “it’s not all doom and gloom – good borrowers who have substantial deposits can still secure a reasonable mortgage”.

This got my attention because my research reveals that few brokers are searching out these good borrowers. I suspect this is because they do not have the data to target such clients.

Brokers’ reluctance to invest in solutions that could bring in more clients or generate repeat business from their existing stock continues to frustrate me. There are efficient solutions available and the investment is modest in the context of increased opportunity.

One option is to re-engage with and secure a sustainable income from existing clients and a customer base audit would be a good start.
If more brokers chose to consider their clients’ needs in this way they would soon have more clients – simple.