The Mortgage Mole

Quackers: Mole was interested to hear that Angela Knight, chief executive of the British Bankers Association, is leaving her role in the summer.

In a recent interview with Mortgage Strategy, Knight told hack Samuel Dale all about her plans to go out with a bang from the bankers’ trade body.

In the BBA’s City of London offices there is a floor to ceiling indoor waterfall. On her final day on the job Knight says she wants to place a rubber duck in the waterfall on the top floor and watch it slide down through the building.

Mole wouldn’t be so cheeky as to suggest it is a metaphor for the reputation of the banking sector during her tenure at the trade body.

Wifely duty With proc fees cut and fewer people able to buy or remortgage, the result for many brokers has been a fall in their income.
So Mole was not surprised to hear that at a recent network conference one of the questions put to members was how would they plug the gap in their income.

If you think answers included protection, general insurance, will writing or equity release, think again.
Showing the industry to be made up of lateral thinkers, top of the list was sending the wife out to work, swiftly followed by selling their own bodies.

With the likes of protection not even making the list, it certainly makes for an interesting take on the concept of diversification.