Be proactive about contacting clients

The most important asset of your business - the part that drives it, inspires it and makes the difference - is you.

If you haven’t focussed on this aspect as much as you should, I recommend that you enter spring doing so.

Start off evaluating your attitude. Attitude is everything and is a question of choice. Make sure you are positive at all times and that your focus is always on what you can do and not what you can’t.

Have you developed business prevention routines in your day which put off income-generating activities and replace them with pointless stuff that doesn’t result in income?

By business prevention routines, I mean do you read every email news alert, magazine article or even collect the kids from school because it postpones making calls to clients?

Over the past decade we as an industry have become order-takers and not proactive in contacting clients. Once upon a time we would contact clients and ensure we let them know what we offered and reviewed their circumstances.

And the key thing to remember is that if as part of your weekly routine you don’t spend time contacting your clients, someone else will.

Start April with a positive attitude – remember there are two-thirds less brokers now than four years ago, so there have never been as many opportunities. Think about all those orphan clients who need a broker.