Wizard launches exam planner and CPD tool for brokers

Wizard Learning has launched an online exam planner and continuing professional development tool to help prepare brokers and IFAs prepare for their industry examinations.

The planner allows students to have full confidence in the level of credits they have achieved and clarifies what more needs to be done to achieve the next level.

It is free and registered data will be automatically saved to aid future planning.

In addition to the qualification planner Wizard Learning has added a CPD core advice tool to its extensive range of online training solutions.

The service has been launched to provide industry professionals with access to information on a range of subjects and help them develop or maintain competence.

Brokers will be able to access material on four key topics and complete assessments on each topic once they feel sufficiently prepared.

With a 70% pass mark, there is also an opportunity for one retake.

Wizard will provide feedback on answers given and in addition, offers a complete CPD record.

New key topics will be added every month to enable customers to maximise ongoing use of the CPD core advice tool.

Mike Goldsmith, managing director at Wizard, says: “We built the qualification planner tool as a result of a raft of feedback we received regarding the complexity of the qualification process.

“It is a practical, easy to use tool which simplifies the process, adds an element of fun and makes it easier to plan for the exams to take.”