TMW offers landlords free EPCs

The Mortgage Works is offering landlords who are remortgaging on selected products a free energy performance certificate.

From October 1 legislation comes into effect requiring landlords to be able to provide prospective tenants with an EPC.

Landlords who do not comply may face a £200 fine from local trading standards officers, and will also have to pay for an EPC to be carried out.

TMW is working with Energy Reports and Surveys to provide the free EPCs for landlords on selected remortgage products. The buy-to-let lender says it has put an online instruction in place to ensure EPCs are issued quickly and efficiently.

Andy McQueen, managing director of TMW, says: “Brokers whose clients are looking for buy-to-let remortgages may find this initiative offers a good value product while also helping landlords meet their legislative requirements.”