Marathon Money

Mortgage Strategy brings you a rundown of the industry figures putting their bodies on the line in September’s Berlin Marathon to raise money for charity


Name: Kevin Duffy

Age: 42

Company & Job title: Chief operating officer at mortgageforce

Current weight: 15st 7lb.

Proposed running weight: 14st.

Previous marathon experience: I have taken part in three marathons in New York, two in London and one each in Paris, Rome and Chicago.

Marathon personal best time: 3:39 in New York 1994.

Expected berlin marathon Time: I’ve promised the kids I’ll be home for Christmas.

Dietary changes: I will abstain from all forms of bread, butter, chocolate, crisps, cider, Guinness, kebabs and burgers in the two hours preceding the race.

Target fundraising amount: £5,000.

Why am i doing this? I’ve always been fascinated by the concepts of endurance, pain and anguish. Apart from that, the charity is a worthy one and I get to spend a weekend with some of my best friends in the industry.

Who would i most like to run behind? Jennifer Lopez and if it’s hot on the day, Personal Touch Packaging’s Rob Jupp so I get some shade from the sun. The last marathon I did in Chicago was in 92 degrees Fahrenheit and there were three fatalities. Which reminds me – I must make a will.

Bristol & West Mortgages

Name: Matt Blackshaw

Age: 34

Company & Job title: Regional manager for London at Bristol & West Mortgages

Current weight: 14st 7lb.

Proposed running weight: 14st.

Previous marathon experience: This will be my first marathon.

Marathon personal best time: N/A.

Expected berlin marathon Time: An hour ahead of the UK.

Dietary changes: As far as eating is concerned there has been no significant change for me. A typical training meal is a large bowl of pasta and pesto, but without my usual glass of red wine.

Target fundraising amount: The B&W team is hoping to raise about £20,000.

Why am i doing this? Having completed a couple of 10k runs it seemed like a good idea when I agreed to take part with my fellow B&W runners last December. Now I’m not so sure. But seriously, Macmillan is a fantastic charity and I know lot of people depend on the work of its nurses so if I can do my bit to boost its coffers by running in this marathon, I’m happy.

Who would i most like to run behind? As long as I’m able to run, I don’t care.