Labour seems unwilling to learn from its past mistakes

The government does not understand how the mortgage and property markets work. How will raising the Stamp Duty threshold to £175,000 for one year help anyone?

The announcement is a desperate measure and will not inject the mass stimulus the market needs. I suspect it will create a mini-rush in the final two months of the scheme. This will create logjams for lenders, brokers, accountants and solicitors.

Surely what is needed is constant stimulus for the market, not a peak and trough approach.

Once again, like Home Information Packs which are a disaster, the government has had time to produce remedies to problems in the housing market but has only come up with a mish-mash, having taken little or no advice from professionals at the sharp end of the sector. When will it learn?

Andrew Botte

Chase Evans HomeLoans
South Wigston