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Labour seems unwilling to learn from its past mistakes

The government does not understand how the mortgage and property markets work. How will raising the Stamp Duty threshold to £175,000 for one year help anyone?

The announcement is a desperate measure and will not inject the mass stimulus the market needs. I suspect it will create a mini-rush in the final two months of the scheme. This will create logjams for lenders, brokers, accountants and solicitors.

Surely what is needed is constant stimulus for the market, not a peak and trough approach.

Once again, like Home Information Packs which are a disaster, the government has had time to produce remedies to problems in the housing market but has only come up with a mish-mash, having taken little or no advice from professionals at the sharp end of the sector. When will it learn?

Andrew Botte

Chase Evans HomeLoans
South Wigston


Bear could have slain big three

According to an analysis by JP Morgan Chase, the Bear Stearns debacle earlier this year could have brought down Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.It says that each firm’s exposure meant that all three could have failed if Bear had not been rescued.

FSA censures Coventry broker

The Financial Services Authority has censured Mohammed Habib for failing to ensure his customers received suitable advice.

Can UK companies satisfy global appetites?

By Mark Martin, Manager of Neptune UK Mid Cap Fund

Rapid economic and income growth is leading to a dramatic shift in diet towards protein products right around the globe. UK companies such as Genus, the world’s largest livestock breeder, are benefiting from this increasing demand. Mark Martin, manager of the Neptune UK Mid Cap Fund, discusses this investment theme.


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