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Home front

The Yorkshire came under attack from The Sun col-umnist Jane Moore last week, in particular Tanya Jackson, its corporate affairs manager.

Moore had a pop at Jackson for releasing research supposedly show-ing that women would be happy to be housewives.

Moore called the research “publicity-seeking, 1950s-style nonsense” by someone who “presumably works all the hours God sends”.

Moore argues that what women want is financial stability from men, allowing them to have well paid flexi-ble jobs while playing a pivotal role in the upbringing of a capable and well-rounded next generation.

Maybe the girls on page 3 of The Sun could tell Moore all about their flexible working conditions.


Accord scraps products within 24 hours

Accord has pulled its prime existing borrower transfer range within 24 hours of it launching, blaming unforeseen circumstances.

Service is the problem for HSBC, says Boulger

Poor service, rather than brokers, is the main barrier to HSBC achieving greater success in the mortgage market, says industry guru Ray Boulger.Last week warned that brokers are sacrificing the best deals by not considering direct products. The website held up HSBC as an example of a lender at the top of best buy […]

Government could guarantee mortgage-backed securities

Chancellor Alistair Darling is believed to be planning a multibillion pound kick-start to the UK housing market, which would see the government temporarily guaranteeing high quality mortgage-backed securities.

Another fine mess you’ve got us into

Having had a couple of weeks off to enjoy better weather and try and forget the challenging mortgage market, I nearly choked on my San Miguel when I read the Sunday newspapers and reports of chancellor Alistair Darling’s latest gaffe.


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