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Why shouldn’t I join the game of fleecing the innocent?

Name and address supplied

I read recently that Paul Gray, acting chairman of HM Revenue & Customs and VAT, is entitled to a pension pot of 1.7m. How reassuring, especially if your name is Paul Gray.

Strange then that this morning I received from Network Data – the network of which I am an AR of modest input – a demand for the best part of 1,000, this being back VAT suddenly chargeable on monthly membership fees back to the days when tax collectors and excise men had ethics and acted with candour and honesty. Not so nowadays.

How could the Revenue allow a profession that has no need or reason to charge VAT on its services to clients, and which does not receive VAT on proc fees or indemnity commission be allowed to get away with this?

We will have to pay this by deduction next month and I am increasing our fees to clients by 25%.

Why should I not join in this great game of fleecing the innocent when I can justifiably boost fees to clients looking for adverse credit remortgages, and self-cert products? Perhaps I should add 17.5% to those increased fees in case the bag men from the Ministry of Bare-Faced Robbery assume that I should have been charging VAT, five years down the line.

Let’s all heap on unjustifiable charges so they end up affecting some of the poorest and most disadvantaged members of society.

Remember, it all began with a Treasury that was led for aeons by a Scot who got to be an MP by dedicating his career to fighting for financial justice for the common man by joining the Labour party. Could that be the same party that has just closed the accident and emergency department at the local hospital?

I’d better not slash my wrists in despair at this recent invoice then as ‘He who cannot afford a Dinner Jacket’ has already removed any hope I might have harboured of surviving self-destruction.

I must hurry along now. The next case is a lifetime mortgage for a retired civil servant. Plenty of opportunity there to start redressing the balance.

Let’s see now, 400 per hour plus VAT should do it. He certainly will be expecting to pay VAT so let’s not disappoint him, shall we?

Dig out my disembowelling knife, would you? There’s a likely victim in reception.

Name and address supplied


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