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Are you looking for a mortgage or a remortgage in 2007?

The New Year is well underway and it is traditional at this point to reassess priorities and aspirations. For some this will mean gym memberships, faddy diets and trips abroad. For others it will mean buying their first home or freshening up their finances with a remortgage.

So this week Mortgage Strategy asks: Are you looking for a mortgage or remortgage in 2007?

Leslie Hunter, 36, accounts payable clerk

No, I don’t have a mortgage. I am living in the lap of luxury at the moment in a housing association property. I certainly won’t be looking to take out a mortgage in 2007.

Mark Dewhurst, 31, accounts payable clerk

I don’t have a mortgage at the moment but I have just sold a property. I will be looking to buy a place this year but it depends on my circumstances when the time comes. I’m hoping house prices will fall but I’ve not looked at the deals that are available yet. I’m also not sure whether I will go through a broker.

Nigel Linton, 52, group reporting manager

I have a two-year fixed mortgage with Nationwide. I’m not planning to remortage in 2007 but I’ll have a look around at deals and think about doing it within the next few years.

Tom Raynor, 28, IT business development manager

I have no plans to remortgage. I will look to pay off my mortgage in two years, then I will think about downsizing my property.

Jorid Larsen Gaseurd, 27, PR coordinator

I’m not planning to take out a mortgage because I can’t afford it. Perhaps in five years’ time I might. I don’t have the deposit at the moment. I think a lot of my friends are in the same boat. It seems stupid to pay all this money on rent when I could be contributing to a mortgage.

Ross Ward, 29, editor

I don’t have a mortgage at the moment but I am hoping to take one out in 2007. I will look at interest-only two-year fixed rates and I’ll go through a broker rather than direct to a lender. I’ve spoken to several lenders recently including Nationwide and Northern Rock.

Luke Whitelock, 25, art director

I don’t have a mortgage at the moment but I’m thinking of taking one out in 2007. I am working freelance so I will seek out a broker to advise me.

Becks O’Byrne, 30, executive assistant

I don’t have a mortgage. I am already massively in debt and can’t get a deposit together at the moment. I don’t think I will ever be able to buy in London. The reality is that it is simply not going to happen. I am not planning to live in this country anyway. I think I will be in a better financial situation in a few years but at the moment I am paying off my debt.

Matt Seal, 25, sales executive

No, I don’t have a mortgage. I may get a mortgage this year depending on how much I can save up. It won’t be in London though. I don’t think I want to live in London.


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