We brokers are the deserted victims of the recession

For 18 months I have been reading about the declining number of financial and mortgage advisers in this country, but does anybody care what is happening to these professionals?

The government has pumped money into the car industry by creating the scrappage scheme and saved a number of jobs as a result.

But the money pumped into lenders has been gobbled up and not used to maintain availability of products for the public to buy houses or refinance.

Hence we have a flagging building industry and an increased threat of repossession hanging over borrowers.

But limited financial solutions also means advisers going out of business. Where is the rescue package to help us? We are the forgotten victims of the crunch.

Lenders have treated advisers with scant regard but I blame the government and Financial Services Authority for letting them get away with it.
Consumers will be the losers as help in future will be available only from a small range of providers.