Landlords are at the mercy of tenants playing the system

I couldn’t agree more with the National Landlords Association’s recent criticisms of government proposals to offer more protection for tenants
The government is being stupid. Look at the way Housing Benefit works now – there’s the Local Housing Allowance which is a good idea but payment is made to tenants rather than landlords.

If rent is not paid, what can landlords do?

The government lives in fairyland. It does not realise a lot of unemployed tenants have financial problems and many are addicted to drugs or gambling.

Some tenants claim Housing Benefit and then don’t pay their rent. Isn’t that fraud?

A register for landlords won’t work. The best thing would be to have an ombudsman to resolve issues between tenants and landlords, scrap deposit protection schemes and stop paying Housing Benefit to tenants.

And why not create a database for non-UK citizens? This could contain European Union nationals as well as foreign nationals to ensure they don’t cheat the system.

I know for a fact there is a lot of fraud in the system, primarily due to the payment of Housing Benefit direct to tenants.

Once they get a tenancy agreement some tenants stop paying their rent so their landlords evict them. They then have their mail redirected so their benefit cheques go to other addresses and they cash them.

Of course, the innocent landlords have no idea what’s going on as they have already evicted them and know nothing about their claims. So why should landlords be punished?

Tenants provide no security and some simply run off with rent, furniture and valuable appliances.

When tenants steal or leave without paying their rent landlords are understandably worried about the same thing happening next time round.
So get tenants sorted out but please get the law in shape to protect landlords too.