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I won’t be wasting any more money on taking out cover

On October 2 2009 I went into hospital to have an operation on my kneecap but it was found that my knee was badly affected with arthritis so the surgeon took the decision to give me a total knee replacement instead.

On October 30 I was made redundant.

I had been suffering from stress at work for a couple of months prior to my redundancy, which I had attempted to fight as I was the only person being made redundant.

On December 1 I rang Paymentshield to advise it that I had been made redundant. As I had six weeks’ pay in lieu and a small settlement I did not want to claim until I ran out of funds.

I was sent a form and heard nothing more until December 14.

I was then asked to fill in a couple more forms concerning my redundancy. I got the information from my previous employer and delivered this to the company in Southport by hand on January 3 this year.

I heard nothing back until I rang it around January 19 to be told that I needed to get my doctor to fill in the form as it could not process the claim without it.

My doctor filled in the form on January 23 and I emailed it on January 25. In fact, I sent 56 emails and got no response.

I phoned Paymentshield again on January 28 and was told that it had not received my information. Then I was told on January 29 that my insurance was not valid because I have arthritis.

I explained that I wanted to claim for redundancy and the company told me that until I registered as unemployed rather than sick I was not eligible.

The government pays the interest on your mortgage within six weeks of signing on so why have I wasted all this money? It has cost me over £6,000 a year.

And why have I had to chase Paymentshield only to discover that I am not covered? I will never again pay insurance to protect anything other than my car because it seems providers simply do not want to pay out on claims.




Interest rates enter the expectation phase

Let’s be honest, I am sure no-one expected to see that the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee, had suddenly raised rates from their current 0.5% level, although some commentators have been a little jittery with inflation nudging 3%.

Embrace simplicity!

By Fiona Holmes, proposition communications manager When I first took out critical illness cover, I was overwhelmed. It wasn’t just the form filling, it was finding out about the sheer number of illnesses I was covered for. Did it give me peace of mind that I was covered for neuromyelitis optica or systematic lupus erythematosus? […]


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