You Know What Really Grinds My Gears ?

Fans of the wonderfully funny Family Guy - check it out on BBC 3 - will know that the title refers to a TV news item where Peter gets to moan and speak out about everything that annoys him.

For me at the moment, it’s the news. Generally. In fact more specifically it’s bad news and depressing statistics with some reporters seemingly delighted to report just how horrible everything is.

Both the government and the opposition grind my gears too. The detail in the much trumpeted plan to help people who are facing repossession is not exactly clear cut, and the reality is few people will actually qualify, while the decision to continue with the much-maligned Home Information Pack is a poor one.

On the other hand the Conservative Opposition just comes across as moaning and unhelpful, with much criticism but little in the way of showing how they would do anything different let alone better.

My personal political views are known to many but still, this has to be the poorest opposition we have had for a while, with even President Elect Obama reportedly labelling David Cameron as a “lightweight”, and that is not good for British Politics.

But I suppose it is a season to be jolly and forget about our woes.

As much as I usually like being Mr Bah Humbug, this year more than ever I am looking forward to a little break with my family.

I fully intend to eat myself stupid, have a touch of nice wine and worry about getting rid of the fat and cellulite in the New Year.

It was harder than I thought to get the word cellulite worked into this blog, which was the challenge given to me by the lovely Halina and Becky from the excellent Awdry Bailey & Douglas Solicitors after an inadvertent comment at the Cobalt Group Xmas party.

Don’t ask…but it was a fun night all round.