UK hasn’t lost its property passion

The idea of home ownership is ensconced in our psyche - an Englishman\'s home is his castle, after all.

But most of our homes are not impenetrable fortresses. All too often these days consumers are being forced by harsh financial realities to relinquish their little piece of Britain.

For Britons far more than our European neighbours, the pursuit of property has been a constant theme in recent decades. The post-1945 Conservative Party concept of the UK becoming a home-owning democracy has become a reality for around 70% of the population.

As a result, perhaps we have abandoned the common sense, safety-first approach to mortgage debt. Rather it’s been a case of where there’s a will there’s a way.

There are those who say that the market will correct itself and that the recession will help cool the ardour of those who thought they could profit from property at any cost.

They could be right but while the mortgage industry is suffering at the moment, I don’t believe mindsets are going to change any time soon.

Britons want to own and profit from their homes and that’s that. It’s up to the industry to harness these motivations in a positive and responsible way.