Orbiter goes live today

Orbiter has rolled out its online sourcing and compliance service to brokers.

The system is currently free for brokers who register and includes whole of the market product listings including direct deals.

The system allows brokers to source and compare all these products while maintaining an audit trail and producing Key Facts Illustrations.

Applications can be submitted from within the system via a number of packaging partners, and a mortgage club is to be added to the proposition in the coming weeks.

Andrew Brown, managing director of Orbiter, says: “This launch is the culmination of a lot of hard work over the last 18 months.

“Our proposition represents our vision for the future of mortgage distribution. We strongly believe the successful distributors of the future will provide brokers with exceptional service, will offer networks detailed management information, and enable lenders to channel their lending via a powerful integrated combination of state of the art technology and detailed management information.

“Orbiter combines these characteristics with an ability to offer expert processing services, accurate sourcing, and other added value services such as a packaging facility.”

The packagers on the Orbiter panel are TFC Homeloans, BDS Mortgages, and The Mortgage Trading Company.