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For any of you wondering where Prime Minister Gordon Brown and chancellor Alistair Darling got their much-copied idea for rescuing the UK financial system, Mole has the answer – Zimbabwe.

Well, that’s what Dr Gideon Gono, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, thinks anyway.

In a recent monetary statement, Dr Gono accused the UK and US of copying Zimbabwe by bailing out failing banks. And he eschewed the sober tone adopted by the Bank of England and the Monetary Policy Committee to deliver his insights.

“As monetary authorities, we have been humbled and have taken heart in the realisation that some leading central banks, including those in the US and UK, are now not just talking of but also implementing flexible and pragmatic central bank support programmes where these are deemed necessary in their national interests,” he says.

“That is precisely the path we began over four years ago in pursuit of our own national interest and we have not wavered on that critical path despite the untold misunderstanding, vilification and demonisation we have endured from across the political divide.”

But before you laugh, maybe you shouldn’t dismiss Dr Gono’s claims too quickly. After all, the police’s heavy-handed approach last month when arresting shadow minister Damian Greene shows a certain regard for Mugabe and his tactics.


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