Mortgage Mole: Fool me once…



Fool me once…

The property and mortgage sectors were in good form last week as they looked to trick this wily ol’ Mole for April Fools’ Day – and it nearly worked, too. 


Estate agency published a press release in which it claimed to be developing a fleet of robots (see picture, right) intended to carry out laborious tasks, such as producing photographs, taking measurements and drawing floor plans. 

Next, well-known tech firm MortgageBrain claimed to have created the market’s first-ever mortgage sourcing glove – yep, you guessed it, the MortgageBrain Glove. 

“For the first time, brokers will quite literally have a whole-of-market sourcing capability at their fingertips,” said Mortgage Brain chief executive Mark Lofthouse. 

Nice try, the pair of you. But you’ll both have to do a lot better than that
next year.

Good cause 

PR guru, former mortgage editor and all-round nice guy Rob Griffiths of White Dragon Communications is running in the London marathon this month for Cancer Research UK. 

Sadly, Rob’s dad passed away last September after a battle with cancer so Rob has decided to run on behalf of the charity for the second time. 

As ever, please give generously, which you can do using the following link: