Analysis: Changing from AR to DA is not difficult with the right support


The mortgage advisory market often feels like a game in which, while we are all essentially on the same team, we are wearing different-coloured shirts and have been known to knobble our own players in order to score ourselves.

The mix of DA and AR firms can seem uneasy bedfellows and there can be a degree of banter over who is on the best path. Of course, each player/firm is different and their wants, needs and future goals will determine their choices.

However, we have often observed – as a DA distributor – that the more established a firm is, the more it wants to be fully in charge of its own destiny. So we have a process to help ARs move to DA status, which means weaning them off their network reliance and commitments and forging ahead.

This is clearly not a direction every AR firm will want to travel in but it is important to understand that changing status is not difficult.

If your needs change and you envisage greater opportunities as a DA firm, you can work towards this change with the support of businesses like ours. 

Pair up with one that can smooth the progression and develop all parts of your firm.