Winner of Pink’s 1000 Index survey announced

Voting for Pink Home Loans 1000 Index is closed which means that another winner has been selected for expressing their views on key industry issues in Pinks latest survey.

Kerry Megginson from Brideshead Independent in Norton, Malton has been independently selected to receive 250 worth of gift vouchers for taking part in the survey.

Megginson says: I enjoyed taking part in the questionnaire as it is a good way of viewing my thoughts on products and future developments in the industry and to win such a great prize meant that I was tickled Pink.

Each survey brings a host of questions to obtain feedback on topical industry issues. Questions in Pinks seventh survey were related to regulation in the areas of compliance support, treating customers fairly and financial promotions.

Tony Jones, managing director of Pink, says: Pink gains useful feedback from its surveys, knowledge from which can often be used to make improvements in the industry. For example, 18% of intermediary respondents rated the level of compliance support that they obtain from their provider as being poor. Clearly some room for improvement is required within the industry in this area.