Mortgage Talk takes The Big Challenge

Staff at Rotherham-based independent mortgage adviser Mortgage Talk will be taking part in BBC Radio Sheffield’s The Big Challenge later this month.

Scheduled to run for up to six weeks, The Big Challenge is designed to raise awareness of the importance of a healthier lifestyle at work and challenges participants to commit to do something to improve their wellbeing.

Andrew Frankish, managing director at Mortgage Talk, says: The BBC contacted us as part of a project to find the UK’s healthiest workplaces and the staff who help create and maintain such environments. It is providing an enormous amount of online information encouraging people to join in, and to quit some of the unhealthy things we all do.

In addition, it is recommending how everyone can do something positive to improve their lifestyle without recourse to strenuous physical exercise.
Overall, it’s a great initiative and we’re pleased to be part of it.

Frankish adds: We are going to be working with Radio Sheffield as part of our challenge. There is a range of initiatives we are going to try and some of our staff will be keeping diaries, both manual and electronic for a fortnight to record their experiences. They will be sharing these on the BBC South Yorkshire website and I’m pretty confident we will see both highs and lows being reported. As part of the challenge we expect to be featured on the radio November.

Prior to this we will be visiting the radio studios to witness how programmes are put together and meet up with the people running the campaign on behalf of the BBC. I’m going to be taking part in the challenge myself and I’m looking forward to coming through it having had some fun and adopting some new lifestyle habits that will stay with me and help keep me in better health. If we eventually win one of the BBC’s Works Health Awards that would be the icing on the cake, even though I now understand that cake isn’t one of the healthiest things around.