Insurer highlights flood risk

A report by insurer More Th>n warns that five million people in the UK are at risk of flooding, with 1.5 million being at high risk.

One of the concerns in the report is that around 200,000 properties are planned to be built in flood risk areas. Also, the future of the Thames Barrier is uncertain. Substantial development is planned behind the barrier, which is only designed to be effective until 2030. Planned development and ageing defences could leave many households and businesses uninsurable.

More Th>n says there must be more investment in flood prevention as climate change begins to affect weather patterns. Climate change studies suggest at least an extra 10m to 30m more is needed, year on year, starting now.

David Pitt, head of insurance at More Th>n, says: “More must be done, particularly with the potential for climate change to drastically affect weather patterns.

“Our claims are on average 30,000 after a significant flood event to get a property back to normal.

Norwich Union says one in three UK flood victims fear the threat of flooding is increasing, and nearly half believe their property will be at risk. Despite this, 80% of home owners say they would not consider making changes to their homes to provide better protection against flood damage.

To help combat the problem, Norwich Union is launching the first flood resilient demonstration house to show the steps owners can take to limit the impact of a flood.