Insurance broker under fire again

Insurance brokerage Mortgage Protection UK has come under fire for unpaid commissions again.

Alan Campbell, proprietor of Inglenook Financial Services, contacted Mortgage Strategy after battling with MPUK for six months to claim unpaid commission, to no avail. Inglenook is owed three years’ commission by MPUK totalling over 300.

Campbell says: “It may only be 300 but MPUK should not be able to get away with it. I only have a few clients left with it. I keep trying to move clients away as it charges high prices for policies.”

Bognor Regis-based MPUK was threatened in 2002 after scores of brokers were not paid thousands of pounds in commission despite repeated communications with the firm.

Campbell says: “Last time the company owed us commission we complained. That was resolved but I believe it has only paid us once since. When I complain this time all I get is: ‘Sorry, we’re in disarray here.'”

Inglenook says it is willing to take legal action against MPUK if the situation is not resolved.

MPUK declined to comment.