Infinity launches Infinet

Infinet, the first web-based full mortgage administration system from Infinity Mortgages has been launched.

The solution is based on edgeConnect developed by edge IPK, the Open Presentation Platform provider. It delivers a complete mortgage operation from front office point of sale through to back office administration.

The Infinet project has been fundamental to Infinity Mortgages securing their own warehouse funding facility from Investec.

Matt Gilmour, CEO of Infinity Mortgages, says: “The edgeConnect based solution from edge IPK was a very important step for Infinity Mortgages securing investment that has allowed us to underwrite from our own funding line.”

“Infinet is an industry first end-to-end solution that is completely web-based. The functionality includes all mortgage point of sale, data capture, administration of the offers and completions process and communication with the Broker and IFA community.

“This will allow intermediaries and brokers to have instance access to the solution rather than it having to be distributed to them and installed.”

“We have achieved exactly what we set out to do. We are the only privately-owned independent mortgage lender in the market which gives us the flexibility to react to market changes quickly.

“Infinet has been developed by edge IPK and ourselves as we both understand that intermediaries demand quick and efficient services that many lenders promise but fail to deliver.”