I take pleasure in placing Paragon clients elsewhere

From Richard Boundy

I prefer not to jump on bandwagons but the letter from Peter Willingham of Accelerated Mortgages (Mortgage Strategy October 31) stirred me into action. Paragon is the most arrogant, ruthless and intermediary-averse lender in the market.

Not only does it not pay me for further advances, applied for by my portfolio clients, it won’t pay me. Worse, it still expects me to provide insurance information and intervene in the case of further underwriting requirements. It will also constantly contact me on pending further advance completions to ensure cases will complete. Last week I had six faxes on three further advances and if they complete I get paid diddly squat.

Worse than this, it charges to transfer products for clients pre-completion. This is fine, especially if a fixed rate product is being replaced with something else, but when you phone its sales support desk to be told product A is available and then on application find it isn’t, why should the client be charged 50?

I have fought this policy and lost so I will be paying for my client. If the client applying for a further advance decides to change the product selection not only do I not get paid, I pay them.

The local BDM is uncontactable and never contacts my office, despite my efforts to place in 2004-2005 over 25m in new business. I know this makes me small fry but a product update shouldn’t be beyond them.

I have a buy-to-let website called www.portfolioreview.co.uk designed to help landlords understand their finance and insurance options. I get over 20 leads a week and every time I come across a Paragon borrower, I take pleasure in placing them elsewhere.