Average property value over 200,000, says Moneynet

Moneynets mortgage research data for October reveals the overall average property value was 208,333.

The data also shows the average value of a property for a first-time buyer was 194,925,

Overall, the average mortgage amount required was 139,982 for a 67% LTV, with first-time buyers looking for an average mortgage amount of 133,947 at 69% LTV.

Those users seeking to remortgage their property required an average mortgage amount of 163,547 at 63% LTV.

The research shows the overall average salary of the main income earner was 40,198, whereas the average first-time buyers’ salary was 36,718.

For two income households, the second salary averaged out at 22,471 for first-time buyers and 24,177 for users looking to remortgage. Consumers looking to remortgage had a main income of 45,935