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Fixed rates versus variable rates

The fixed versus variable rate debate has built momentum in the wake of the publication of David Miles&#39 report to the chancellor for the March 2004 budget. The chancellor believes that homeowners fluctuating between one-mortgage lender to another heavily influences the unsteady market in the UK. Miles&#39 recommendation of fixing customers to longer term mortgages, as seen in the USA, could have stabilising effects in the economy and avoid the repetition of the property recession of the early 1990s.

What&#39s your view?

Council of Mortgage Lenders

The CML felt that the recommendations &#34provide a sensible package of measure that would, taken together, generate improvement in the UK market&#34. However, caution was advised, including a reminder of the need to provide a cost-effective mechanism to deliver them in practice.

Building Societies Association

The BSA expressed concerns over the funding of long-term fixed products, as building societies to fund 50% of their lending from retail deposits, making them potentially less attractive than plc lenders. Suggestions have been made that all lenders should make these products available to both new and existing customers, to enhance the long-term fix rates and make them fairer to the existing customers who may be subsidising cheap short-term deals.

The Borrower

Longer term fixed rates will assist the borrower to stabilise their finances, allowing them to budget more effectively and to ride out any sudden interest peaks in the market. Initial research, has however, shown that the borrowers prefer immediate gratification of lower interest rates against long-term stability of guaranteed fixed rates.

The Broker

It is important that customers have the option to take up a lifetime mortgage should they want one and any subsequent increase in the take-up of these products is certain to mean a reduction in remortgage work for brokers. Even so, due to best advice practices, brokers cannot allow that to affect the advice they give to the customer. However, it would seem that many customers prefer the flexibility of being able to switch mortgage products and providers depending on the state of play with interest rate movements and house price fluctuations. A large number of brokers are receiving remortgage requests from their existing client database, which indicates that borrowers are not yet ready to tie themselves down to a lifetime commitment; especially with such high redemption penalties involved. Another point to note is that if the providers of such products do not offer competitive terms for further advances, many borrowers will turn to increasing credit card debt or taking out further loans, as the option to remortgage will only be available at a high cost.

The Lawyer

It is likely the direct legal suppliers will see a downturn in remortgage work, which would result in more marketing for transactional work. However, this is unlikely to affect more traditional firms who have predominately focussed on transactional work for their source of conveyancing.


Scottish Widows appoints IT director

Scottish Widows has appointed Chris Torkington as IT director. Torkington will be responsible for directing and controlling Scottish Widows&#39 IT division to ensure that all IT development meets the company&#39s current and future needs and provides a compliant and secure technology environment. He joins Scottish Widows from his current role as chief executive of Rural […]

Bananas Inc joins up with SPML to launch discounted light adverse deal

Branded lender and packager Bananas Inc has joined forces with Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited to launch a discounted light adverse mortgage targeting those with moderate credit history problems. The semi-exclusive self-certification tracker product is at LIBOR plus 2.5% with a discount of 1.5% until September 2005, giving an initial interest rate of 5.65%. The product allows […]

The first-time buyers won&#39t be back soon

The volume of first-time buyers entering the market has fallen steadily year on year to 29% of all mortgage lending in 2003 following a peak of 47% in 1999. Forecasts early this year predicted that FTB activity is likely to settle at 29% for 2004 and 2005. First-time buyers are seen as the property market&#39s […]

Packager network formed

The Professional Mortgage Partnership network has been launched by five packagers with the aim of recruiting 250 member brokers by Mortgage Day. The packagers behind the new Darlington-based network are Amity Mortgages, Knight Funding, Offering People Mortgages, Premier Mortgage Packagers and Premier Mortgage Centre. PMP says brokers do not have to guarantee a minimum level […]

Pensions - thumbnail

Mothers missing out on millions

New HMRC figures show number of ‘mothers missing out on millions’ in pension rights has doubled in two years – Steve Webb Figures published on 24th March by HM Revenue & Customs show a doubling in the number of mothers missing out unnecessarily on vital pension rights because of a change in the rules on Child […]


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