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Capital Home Loans launches buy-to-let tracker

Capital Home Loans has launched a buy-to-let tracker mortgage at Bank base rate plus 0.65% with a completion fee of 0.5%.

The lender is targeting the tracker, which is tied to base rate plus 0.65% until June 2007, at landlords who may have been involved in buy-to-let for some years and who require LTVs up to 65%.

Trevor Child, marketing manager at Capital Home Loans, says: “There is a large and growing body of landlords who have had a successful portfolio of properties for some years and are looking at lower LTVs to secure reduced interest rates. They have accumulated significant positive equity in their properties and want to take advantage of this.”

The Bank base rate plus 0.65% rate is only available for LTVs up to 65%. LTVs up to 75% are available at a rate of base rate plus 0.75%, also with a half a percent completion fee. Rent cover is calculated on the actual rate taken, which is currently 4.9% in the case of the 0.65% tracker.

Borrowers can pay off 20% of the original loan per annum without charge. No MIG is payable. There is a 5% redemption penalty during the term of the tracker, but no extended tie-in.

The tracker is available to individuals and limited companies. The uncapped procuration fee is 0.5%.


Thank you for supporting the British Liver Trust

From Roger RackstrawThank you for your support for the British Liver Trust through the MS Detox Relay Rally – and thanks for the substantial cheque, too. As a small charity we are not blessed with many corporate supporters so it was exciting to have the backing of Mortgage Strategy. Please pass on our thanks to […]

A summary of the Scottish housing market

•House prices in Scotland have risen by 207% since the beginning of 1983, from £27,800 to £85,212 in 2004 Q1. •During 1983-2003 house prices in Scotland increased at an average rate of 5.3% per annum. •There was no boom and bust cycle in Scottish house prices during the late 1980s and early 1990s. •House prices […]

CA exposé excluded brokers

No IFAs or independent mortgage brokers were included in the survey by the Consumers Association for Which? that accuses the financial services industry of being “rife with poor advice and questionable sales tactics”. The year-long undercover investigation, the results of which were published last week, limited its research to 39 banks, building societies and estate […]

Trigold plans equity update

Trigold is planning to build an equity release function into its sourcing system following research that found more mainstream lenders and brokers are looking at entering this growing market. The firm&#39s joint managing director Martin Colyer says the system should launch before the end of the year but after the introduction of FSA mortgage regulation […]

Abe and Modi

India: Modi, reform and the oil price fall

Nearly 12 months since sweeping to power, prime minister Narendra Modi has overseen a significant turnaround in India, which is now on track to become one of the most pro-growth, pro-investment economies in Asia. While the market has rallied 48 per cent over the last year in response to Modi’s reform agenda, what is the potential for further progress?


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