Let IT free up your time to meet clients


Inflation is running at 3.7%, 1.7% above target. VAT has risen to 20% and petrol now costs up to £1.37p per litre.

Job cuts are about to hit the public sector, something the private sector has been living with for the past two years, and there’s talk of an interest rate rise.

Now, more than ever, your clients need your help with their mortgage requirements.

All the mortgage advisers I have spoken to this week believe this year will offer a wealth of opportunities to help clients remortgage for the best deals.

Some are going to play the market and see if interest rates do go up. Others believe now is the time to move to a fixed deal for those on variable rates.

Whatever you think is right, being able to identify those clients at the touch of a button is essential.

I’m sure most of you have hundreds of clients with all types of mortgages.

Being able to segment them month by month, deal by deal is essential for you to identify your opportunities and develop a strategic plan.

Make sure your IT system can remove the arduous task of sorting this for you.

The more labour-intensive, non-income generative activities the system can do for you, the more time you have for what you do best – talking to and seeing clients. That way, the system will pay for itself.

I’m positive that the personal touch is what clients are after. They rely on you to help them with their key financial decisions and none of these is as important as where they live.